About Bakor

“Bakor” R&D Center was established by the Soviet Government’s decision in 1987 (in 1989, it was reincorporated as a closed joint-stock company) to bridge the gap of the USSR in development and application of efficient rustproof refractories and heat insulators for construction of glass furnaces to be used in different sectors of defence industry.

Considering the need to develop and manufacture ceramics with unparalleled properties, the Company has designed and introduced production lines for the majority of processes: pressing, isostatic molding, vibratory casting, hot casting, slip forming, hot-pressing, vibromolding, extrusion and vacuum molding.

Owing to such a variety of engineering facilities and diverse equipment, “Bakor” develops and introduces unique – sometimes, challenging – ceramic processing targets.

In a 20-year period, “Bakor” R&D Center developed and introduced over 70 types of solid and porous ceramic materials, over 40 types of glass-melting furnaces made of corundum-mullite-zircon and chromium oxide containing ceramics. Hearths of heating furnaces coated with corundum-mullite-zircon ceramics have been developed and delivered to Customers. Cyclone furnaces for chemical waste incineration are made of heat-resistant badelite-corundum materials. Over 20 types of melting pots are used by machine-building plants in Russia.

Unique filters made of porous permeable ceramics have been developed and delivered to mining-and-metallurgical plants in many countries.

A wide range of aerators and dispensers with unique operating properties are manufactured for plants of housing and utilities industry, chemical and biological industry.

Company’s specialists are honoured with the Russian Government’s prizes, the Kosygin Prize and numerous awards of Russian and international exhibitions.

We maintain close cooperation with numerous scientific and educational organizations. Students of leading universities have their practice training and write their diploma papers with “Bakor” R&D Center.

“Bakor” has the 10-year development strategy, distinct strategic goals and key performance indicators established for the company, each business unit and each employee.