Mission and Strategy

Improvement of society life quality is a basic commitment of “Bakor”. This can be achieved through production of environmentally safe materials and products to help enterprises reduce environmental pollution, save electricity and water.

The long-term development strategy and clear-cut goals enable us to promptly design and manufacture requisite products matching the best world equivalents. Everybody at the “Bakor” is personally involved in setting a sound framework to meet the challenges facing the Company.  

Manufacture of hi-tech products serves the purposes and trends of the Russian economy and industry modernization while providing innovative solutions in the field of energy saving, ecological compatibility and import substitution:

High quality and performance of products:


Significant saving of resource consumption: 

  • Energy, raw materials;
  • Finances: minimization of investments to consumables and auxiliaries;
  • Operation time.

Environmental safety:

  • Considerable reduction of hazardous emissions;
  • Substantial conservation of natural resources.

High-quality servicing:

  • Pre-project deigns,
  • Highly professional maintenance service,
  • Post-warranty service

The Quality Management System of the “Bakor” R&D Centre was certified for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008, for design, development and production of ceramic aerators, ceramic filters, ceramic crucibles and refractories. The Certificate of Compliance is registered under No. СДС.ССТ.СМК 3621.04-100106.