NTC Bakor Today


“Bakor” R&D centre is a national science and technology leader in the field of specialised ceramic composites and materials for the most critical parts of thermal plants. We also set the pace in design and manufacture of unique ceramic filters for metallurgy, glass, mining & smelting, petrochemical, gas chemical, utilities and other industries.

All developments and products of “Bakor” are innovative. The Company owns over 85 Russian patents, 2 Eurasian patents and the registered trademark.

The “Bakor” NTC’s Scientific and Technical Council determines the scientific and production development strategy of the company. The Council is chaired by Mr. B. L. Krasniy, Doctor of Engineering, Academician of the World Academy of Ceramics (WAC), the laureate of State Prizes of USSR and Russia, who is the leading Russian expert in ceramics and composites.

“Bakor” offers innovative approaches in development of technologies, processes and new products. Our offer includes solutions for engineering and manufacture of finished refractories and filters.

Our tight-schedule development and commercial production of new efficient ceramics relies on our own up-to-date experimental and production base and the variety of advanced technologies focused on implementation of designs, commercialisation of know-how and manufacture of products.

Use of “Bakor” spalling-resistant refractories in cyclone incinerator lining has yielded a six-fold increase of thermal plant operation period.

Our 11-year research experience in the field of innovative developments and manufacture of filters has contributed to series supply of ceramic filters to large mining companies of Russia and CIS countries as well as Peru, Chile and India.

For public utilities, chemical and biological industries, we manufacture a wide range of aerators and dispersers with unique performance characteristics.


The human capital of the Company comprises doctors of sciences, masters of sciences and qualified scientists and engineers. The company implements a standing engineer training programme. “Bakor” provides its research and practice base to students from leading specialized universities for apprenticeship and graduation work under the guidance of the Company scientists.

Company’s specialists are honoured with the Russian Government’s prizes, the Kosygin Prize and numerous certificates and awards of Russian and international exhibitions. In 2007, the “Bakor” activity for commercial introduction of high technologies has yielded the title of “The best scientific organisation of the Moscow Province” and the Russian Government Prize for science and engineering.

“Bakor” maintains close cooperation with a number of scientific, design and educational institutions.