Bakor's History

The origin of “Bakor” comes from the Central Fundamental Research Laboratory for phosphatic materials, which was founded in early 1980-es.

Later on, the “Bakor” R&D Centre was established in 1987 by the Soviet Government’s decision. Its purpose was to bridge the gap in development and application of efficient rustproof refractories and heat insulators for construction of glass furnaces.

In 1991, “Bakor” was reincorporated as a close joint stock company. Now, it is the leading Russian centre for innovative ceramics and composites.  

Initially, development of rustproof high-temperature materials intended for aggressive environment applications was our core business. We have designed some series of specialized refractories for smelters to manufacture aggressive glass and basalts, and complete furnace assemblies for different industries, including special high-temperature ceramics for radioactive waste incinerators.

Concurrently, we were elaborating high-temperature ceramic ware for metal and alloy melting and isostatic-pressed crucibles for fusion of heat-resistant steels and alloys including those used in production of aircraft turbine blades. 

We have expanded our activity to development and manufacture of large-size multi-shaped products, which are supplied in batches to Russian defence establishments, as well as kiln furnitures and ceramic wares for electronic industry.

In a 26-year period, we have developed and implemented over 70 grades of rustproof refractories for high-temperature corrosive environment processes.

We have performed over 200 lining projects for various furnaces under the highest chemical, thermal and dynamic loads. These cover glass, metallurgy, petrochemical and thermal insulator industries. Our production range includes more than 20 models of isostatic-pressed crucibles for aircraft engine and machine building industries.

In 1999, the need for import substitution was established based on a request from the “Norilskiy Nikel” company. Thus, the new R&D line of “Bakor” has emerged – porous permeable ceramics for filter elements.

We have 11-year research experience in this field and in innovative developments and manufacture of ceramic filter elements and filtration units on their basis. This facilitates series supply of ceramic filter elements to large mining companies of Russia, CIS countries, Peru, Chile and India.