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BAKOR AERATORS are represented by plates of different geometrical shapes made of highly porous ceramics with preset pore size; they assure the necessary degree of waste waters oxygenation in aeration tanks.

BAKORR&DCenter manufactures 3 types of aerators, and each type may be used for a particular bubble size.

 Type of aerator

 Bubble size in mm


 1 - 3


 5 - 8


 Over 10

AERATORS developed by CJSCBAKORR&DCenterare featured by the following advantages:

  • high open porosity(45%) providing a high degree of oxygenation –up to 14 mg/liter;
  • simple and quick mounting:
    • reduction of the cost of construction and assembly works by 25%-30% due to a high rate of equipment installation and reduction of its volumes;
    • possibility to perform assembly works under alternating temperatures;
  • possibility to manufacture aerators of different sizes to fit a particular aeration tank;
  • aerators are resistant to mechanical and biochemical exposures caused by waste waters;
  • working surface of aerators is easily regenerated, if necessary;
  • aerators are made of environmentally safe materials and don’t require special disposal costs;
  • aerators don’t require maintenance throughout the whole service life;
  • mode of aerators operation – small- and medium-bubble. With the existing rates of air consumption at the level of 5000 m3/hour (SNiP 2.04.03-85), the actual air consumption amounted to 2400 m3/hour; concentration of oxygen dissolved in the water of the aeration tank is within the standard range – from 2.0 to 8.4 mg/dm3;
  • service life of aerators – up to 12 years without replacement.

Usage of BAKOR AERATORS provides:

  • acceleration of organic and non-organic impurities oxidation processes due to fine adjustable aeration (by more than 4 times);
  • increase of throughput capacity of aeration tanks due to intensification of the oxidation process;
  • a wide range of activated sludge types;
  • electric power saving from 40% to 75%;
  • reduction of capital expenditures by 2-3 times.


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Технические характеристики аэратора модульного типа БАКОР

Наименование параметра Единица измерения Численное значение
Working area mm 300х250
Pore size
Dispersed air bubble size
mm 0.5-1.6
Open porosity
% 42-45
Air flow rate through one aerator
m3/hour 0.6-11
Ultimate air pressure
Resistance to air flow
Aerator weight
Pressure loss in the aerator