More than 25 years NTC BAKOR is the leading scientific and manufacturing company in the field of the research, innovative development, production and commercialization of effective high-refractory materials, resistant to aggressive melts and gases.
The strong  scientific and research base and modern production plant allow us to solve the problems of increasing the life cycle of the thermal furnaces, which belong to different branches of industry.
Our products are focused to solve the problems in the critical sectors in the furnaces of different application, which fall under very strong chemical, thermal and dynamic forces. In these sectors, in complex heavy conditions of the thermal furnaces’ operating modes the standard refractories pale in comparison with Bakor’s refractories.
We develop and produce a large variety of such high-efficient refractory materials and products as:
- the separate elements of lining from corundum-mullite-zirconia and chromium oxide–containing ceramics,
- more than 40 types of complex linings of glass-melting furnaces.
Our technological innovations based on extensive research, and operative client co-development and support, enable to specify, define and deliver the optimal solutions, which promote the successful applications of our products in metal industry, air motor industry, machinery, glass melting, chemical and petrochemical industries.