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Экватек – 2012     Экватек – 2012

ZAO “NTC ”Bakor” has introduced its new product type – ceramic aerators – on the most important Russian water exhibition Ekvatech – 2012.

 New modified ceramic aerators have proven great performance, thus attracting attention of technologists, engineers and chief executives of water treatment facilities and engineering companies.

NTC “Bakor”has implemented a new technology of regulative caviation of the ceramic material, as well as has multiplied the durability increase of the ceramic material. On this basis a new class of small bubbling aerators resistant in acid and alkali environment. Bakor aerators are ones of the best in terms of such indicators as: energy consumption saving, effectiveness, uniformity and controllability of biomass oxygenation.

The results of the exhibition indicated that different Bakor ceramic aerators based on nano-modified ceramics (for the aerification, ozonation, desalination, electrolysis) spark a great interest among the consumers and in the near future these aerators will become a convincing competition to polymer aerators.


 Экватек – 2012