Scientific Researches

1. Development of new ceramic materials and product manufacturing technologies using such materials:

  • Development of chromium-containing ceramics and refractory materials;
  • Development of ceramic product technologies including semidry pressing, vibratory pressing, vibratory tamping, vibratory casting, hot casting under pressure, extrusion, isostatic pressing, slip casting;
  • Development of phosphate compositions and phosphate composition based materials;
  • Research and development of ceramic membrane coatings;
  • Development of advanced filter elements from porous permeable ceramics;
  • Evaluation of corrosion resistance of ceramic and refractory materials in glass, metal and slag melts;
  • Studies to evaluate the effect of various porous ceramics properties on its permeability;
  • Studies in sintering of aluminum oxide powders with different structures;
  • Studies to evaluate the effect of nanopowders on ceramic material properties.

2.  Liquid treatment processes:

  • Study of suspension concentration technology applications in various industries (dairy, microbiological, medical, textile, pulp and paper, chemical and oil and gas);
  • Studies for development of optimal (maximum capacity, minimum cake humidity) slurry dehydration technology for various industries (iron ore slurry, nonferrous metal slurry, apatite ore slurry, cyanogen-containing slurry, etc.);
  • Studies related to removal of mechanical impurities from different industrial electrolytes;
  • Studies to design closed water circulation systems for different technological processes;
  • Study of factors affecting clogging of filter elements and development of new methods for their regeneration;
  • Research in thickening of activated sludge flows generated during waste water biological treatment;
  • Analysis of processes for clarification of industrial and natural oils, glycols and alcohols. 

3.  Gas treatment processes:

Studies related to removal of different solid mists (catalysers, etc.) from hot process gases (up to 800 °С).

4.  Aeration and flotation:

  • Development of industrial and municipal waste water treatment technologies using new generation ceramic aerators;
  • Development of gas dispersers for different gas and liquid processes;
  • Study of aeration processes;

Search for and development of new flotation technologies.