Bakor Scientific and Technical Centre possesses all process and auxiliary equipment to develop and implement unique and challenging ceramic technology projects in the shortest possible time and offer a wide range of technology development services to manufacture new materials, designs and industrial lots of ceramic and refractory products based on various technologies including:

  • Hot casting under pressure for special and high-precision ceramic products;
  • Isostatic pressing for high-strength refractory and porous products made of ceramics, with sizes of up to 400 mm in diameter and up to 1,000 m in length, including crucibles, ceramic pipes, filters, etc. 
  • Vibration casting for manufacture of large size refractory ceramic products of irregular and specially irregular form using nanomodified binding agents developed by Bakor Scientific and Technical Centre; 
  • Semidry pressing for manufacture of porous and dense oxide ceramics using various binding agents to ensure unique or competitive advantages of such products;
  • Vibratory pressing of high strength and porosity uniform ceramic masses using innovative biding agents;
  • Extrusion of tubular ceramic products with various compositions and for different applications;
  • Slip casting of ceramic products using special innovative additives;
  • Filtering of different suspensions in filter units with ceramic filter elements;
  • Aeration and dispersion of different media using porous permeable ceramic based aerators.

Bonding and laying of refractory ceramic materials based on phosphate and nanomodified binding agents.